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Oval Walnut Cutting Board

Oval Walnut Cutting Board

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Our Oval cutting board is crafted with compact spaces in consideration. It complements our other three styles seamlessly or stands alone as your go-to choice for lunch breaks, snacks, movie nights, and more. Its convenient size makes storage effortless.

Crafted in Canada: Our cutting boards are meticulously crafted right here in Canada, using premium quality wood. We prioritize using cutoffs whenever possible to reduce waste. Each cutting board is handcrafted with care.

Walnut: Walnut represents one of the finest wood grades, cherished for its rich hue and lasting strength. With its straight grain, maintaining this wood is a breeze, ensuring years of exquisite service.

Maintenance: To maintain the quality of our cutting boards, they are not pre-oiled. It's recommended to condition your cutting board with food-grade wax or coconut oil if the wood appears dry. Wash and dry the board by hand to preserve its integrity. Avoid using the dishwasher, as it may distort the board, rendering it unusable.

Specs 13" w x 8" h

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